BonPhysics Research and Investigations B.V.


Current Projects

·         Development of Pulsed Eddy Current for TüVRheinland

·         Assistance in the development of a cooling plant for a cold neutron source at Reactor Institute Delft as part of the OYSTER program.

·         Development of a production process for an aqueous mineral supplement for cattle called Aquablend for Van Benthem Minerals.

·         TORSIND Experiment replication. The miniature torsion balance used for more than 10 years by Alexander Pugach, of the Academy of Science of Ukraine, has proved to be a particularly interesting device. The current version of the device is called “TORSIND”. The purpose of the project being the object of the contract with Fondation Maurice Allais is to multiply the uses of this device to allow the realization of additional observations.


Finished Projects

·         Performing experiments to find a possible difference between Lorentz ether theory and Einstein’s special relativity theory. The background of this research is in the book. The results of an 18 month during experiment are shown here.

·         Development of software for tracking of polarization vectors through time and space dependent magnetic fields according to the Larmor equation. Some examples have been worked out in Examples.

·         Assistance for manufacturing a resonant neutron spin-flipper for neutron spectrometer RefSans in Munich.

·         Development non-destructive testing device INCOTEST for RTD bv The Netherlands. This work is rewarded with the Van Ouwerkerk-prijs 2001 of the Dutch Quality Surveillance and Non-Destructive Testing Society. Recent developments opens the possibility of semi-contact absolute measurements independent of the material properties.

·         Evaluation Acoustic Pulse Reflectometry developed by Acoustic Eye, Tel Aviv, Israel as part of the Joint Industry Project undertaken under auspices of KINT (Dutch Quality Surveillance and Non-Destructive Testing Society) and as part of a IPC-CWD-contract.

·         Management assistance for the OYSTER project of the Reactor Institute Delft TUDelft.

·         Assistance in the development of spin echo neutron reflection technology at Reactor Institute Delft . An example is the possibility to measure the Goos-Hänchen effect for neutrons: Phys.Rev.Lett.104.010401.

·         Research into the possibilities to measure a light speed anisotropy at the Earth Surface with a Mach-Zehnder fiber interferometer. Also with the help of an asymmetric interferometer: here.

·         Project Portable INAS for Reactor Institute Delft TUDelft.

·         Project Feasibility High Frame Rate Fast-Neutron Radiography for Reactor Institute Delft TUDelft.

·         Research into force-voltage characteristics of gas discharges.


Future Projects

If you are struggling with a technical problem, you will need our professional help. Please contact us for a no-ties-attached free offer for solving your problem !

·         An example of a possibility is the further development of Boron Neutron Capture Therapy.

·         Some anomalies in fundamental experiments with neutrons can be explained by a magnetic field dependent magnetic moment. You can collaborate on a proposal to measure the magnetic moment of a free neutron.

·         Proposal to measure gravity on electrons and positrons. See also presentation.

·         Proposal to repeat Michelson-Morley experiment ala Demjanov.