While 2017 was coming to an end, the release of SONOPEC emerged. A couple of weeks before the beginning of 2018 the first version (v1.0) of SONOPEC was published.
The acronym SONOPEC represents the words Sonovation Pulsed Eddy Current. It refers to the NDT system further developed by TÜV Rheinland Sonovation to obtain information on conducting objects based on the measurement of the decay of eddy currents that were created by a pulsed magnetic field. The software program with this name is designed to facilitate the interpretation of the decay signal for a user defined measurement grid.

Since 2016 V.O. de Haan has been working on this program and during one and a half year a lot of features were added. Nowadays, the program can be used to conduct measurements (during live connection) and there is a touchscreen mode available.

Moreover, grids can be projected on the 3D shape of an object and for every measurement and reference value the accuracy will be calculated.
SONOPEC contains different user levels, due to this one is able to limit access to special functions. Thereby, all information, changes and measurements can be saved and exported.
A web browser is available to directly access the internet and an extensive user guide is present in the program.

SONOPEC has been written in Visual basic, a program of Microsoft’s Visual studio, this is also used by Bonphysics for the production of other software. For example: CNS (calculating of a two phase thermosiphon loop) or Poltrack (calculating of the changes in polarisation of a neutron beam) or Senref (calculating the specular and non-specular neutron reflection). On this moment, V.O. de Haan is writing a game based on the Kinect technique of Xbox.